The pocket tech

If your business needs help with information and communications technology, but you can’t afford to pay a big ICT consulting firm, then you’ve come to the right place. Think of David Ross as a clever, pocket-sized, multi-function business tool that delivers an array of essential technical solutions at an affordable flat rate—an intellectual handy-man providing services on demand.

David Ross’ mission is to provide “Quality-Assurance (QA) Tactical Solutions”—a wide range of personalized information and communications technology (ICT) services—to both growing and struggling entrepreneurs and microenterprises in Montréal in order to increase their productivity and profitability.

If your business wants to increase its productivity and profits David Ross’ Quality Assurance Tactical Solutions can help.

“David Ross: Your intellectual handyman—always ready, willing, and able to help your business leverage ICT.”

Quality Assurance

In the context of Applied Physics and Engineering, Quality Assurance (QA) is a very broad concept which aims at systematically improving every quantifiable aspect of a process or method.  In the context of business, almost everything is quantifiable, and therefore any business can increase productivity and profitability by applying QA principles.

Tactical Solutions

To fulfill your business mission and achieve your goals, you need to have the end in mind; you need a strategy.  Indeed, strategic consulting is invaluable to your business—but it is very expensive.  When it comes to implementation, many businesses can’t afford to continue paying those high consulting fees. That’s where David Ross’ QA Tactical Solutions come in.

As an affordable means-to-an-end, David Ross’ QA Tactical Solutions help implement the technical calls-to-action entailed in your broad strategic vision.  You can count on David Ross to get the job done faster and cheaper.

Check out the services page, and then get in touch.  You’ll be glad you did.